Work Life Harmony in Motherhood

A secret I recently discovered to work-life harmony is : perspective. 

It’s been just over 6 months since I launched my small business. And similar to my previous corporate life, work-life harmony and reconciling my competing devotions continues to be a topic of curiosity and a challenge at times. 

Now with no corporate team to collaborate with, I find myself on point for sales, marketing and finance. All roads lead to me and whilst that is empowering it can be mind-boggling at times as to why I would start a small business with young children.  

But I know why. 

Because working makes me a better mother and being a mother makes me a better worker. 

Both roles generate a complimentary energy. Give great satisfaction and provide a perspective on creating impact and delivering a difference. In a way this feeds into the other role. 

Both create grounding in what really matters 

Both roles inspire and challenge. 

And whilst there are so many transferable skills like adaptability that I get to refine, I also believe it helps create self discipline, intention and focus to most days.

I have learnt to apply a perspective that : 

This season of Motherhood doesn't last forever. The hard days will transition into something else hard and that is normal and that is ok. 

In the inevitable moments of burnout and overwhelm checking in if my priorities are in sync with my values is the first thing I do. When I can focus on my business, prioritising needle moving tasks helps me move at my pace. 

Embracing a flexible mindset allows us to find harmony in the chaos, nurture our ambitions, and set a powerful example for our children. 

Perspective transforms obstacles into stepping stones.

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