About Us

Hi, I'm Alison, the founder of 'For The Love of Mum'.

With over 20 years in the corporate world I feel a gravitation to create and deliver impact for mothers. I am a certified Mama Rising (Motherhood and Matrescence) coach and together with my lived experience as a Mum of 2 I am passionate about driving a culture change around how we support and empower Mothers.

Before my babies were even born I already loved them fiercely. I was in awe of this type of love and knew that for me, becoming a Mother was the most soul enriching and rewarding purpose I could ever have. 

When my daughter was born I soon discovered everything was focused on the act of mothering: breastfeeding teas,  sleep routines and baby products. And it was important and caring. 

But how do I explain all the changes that came with my transition into Motherhood? When I heard the word Matrescence, everything shifted. 

Abraham Joshua Heschel

“Words create worlds” 

The power of language and calling out a word like Matrescence is a powerful gift and blessing.  It is recognition of the birth of a Mother and much like adolescence it is the physical and psychological shift in one’s identity.

There was a name for how I felt as I moved through different stages of my motherhood journey. It wasn’t just me. I wasn’t alone. And why don’t we talk about this more openly? 

When I had my daughter I didn't at the time recognise that this was also the birth of me as a Mother. When we left the  hospital the midwives said, “you've got this" and I remember feeling like “I do not got this" and so something must be wrong with me. I was overwhelmed with emotions and there was only guilt about not knowing how to Mother straight out of the hospital doors. 

My son was born during the pandemic in 2020 and my sisters sent me a gift box with products to nourish myself. I recall it made me feel that in this newborn phase Mums also need care and why isn't this more recognised.

Everyone's birth story is different

But the inner split a woman feels as she enters into and moves throughout motherhood is universal, it transcends cultures, geographies, age and even social and economical position. But yet there is limited acknowledgment of the emotions that come with this monumental shift in a woman's identity. 

And what I realised was, instead of creating yet another product that focuses on the baby or the act of mothering, what if I could combine products and rituals that actually support the woman as she navigates this role, but also gently and powerfully introduces her to the healing of Matrescence. . 

As a working Mum constantly reconciling the competing devotions of mothering and work I felt a calling to be an activist of Matrescence to support other Mothers. 

So that’s what I did. 

Thanks for being here and being part of the movement for the love of Mums.